reunions functions venue for hire

Reunions are a memorable event that brings friends and family together for a walk down memory lane, and the Italian Sports Club of Werribee is your memorable reunion venues in Werribee.


Here’s what you can expect from hiring our function venue in Werribee for your reunion event:

  • Small and large private function rooms catering for up to 300 guests
  • An a la carte menu created by Werribee’s most renowned chefs who have contributed to the ISCW’s award-winning reputation
  • A range of catering options for both formal and informal reunion functions that can be customised to your budget. This also depends on the function room venue being hired.
  • Safe, spacious and easily-accessible off-road parking
  • No age restriction – everyone is welcome
  • A personalised experience


Our professional and experienced staff at the ISCW can also provide:

  • Lecterns and microphones
  • A sound system with music
  • Cake and gift tables
  • Partitions to create backdrops for photos and decor
  • Access to our licensed bar


However, to meet all your needs for a successful anniversary celebration, our staff are always very happy to discuss and assist with specific requests to create a memorable and personalised reunion party venue.

The staff will be very happy to discuss specific requests when anyone needs a memorable birthday party venue for hire.

Have a look at our multiple reunion venues at the ISCW in Werribee, Melbourne packages including our venues for hire.


In essence, reunions are a gathering where people, who have not seen each other for years, come together to relive old memories, catch up and create a fun experience for ‘old time’s sake’. By the end of the night, we see our guests making re-connections, forming new alliances, expanding their social and professional networks, and strengthening their friendship or family bonds.

However, many are often hesitant to attend their 10th, 20th or 50th high school reunion, or even their family reunion due to years of separation. We believe that with the right reunion venues, decor, skilled and friendly catering staff, as well as access to the bar and secure parking facilities, your guests can be assured to experience an ambience that resonates a warm welcoming. And where better to celebrate your past than at a social, sports and cultural facility where all your guests can enjoy our intimate community atmosphere and hospitality.

The Italian Sports Club of Werribee homes Werribee’s favourite range of small to large function venues for hire for your reunion. We also possess one of the leading catering and full a la carte menu in Werribee that is not only delectable but also designed for customisation to meet affordability and budget standards.

Be it a good old high school or college reunion, catch up with old friends or a classic family reunion, we have the perfect reunion venue in Werribee that will guarantee you a memorable night!

ISCW is treated as a family community, meaning that there is no age restriction to use our function room venues or facilities whether you are planning an event or not.


At school, college and family reunions, we see folks that we have not seen for years. Consequently, reunion gives us a chance to reconnect with old friends and long lost family members.

For this reason, the Italian Sports Club of Werribee has a range of function rooms for hire; providing you with the freedom to invite and reconnect with as many as 300 guests.

Your ideal function venue, of course, depends on the number of guests you will be inviting. We have 3 function room venues at the ISCW.

Each function room provides exclusive flexibility in seating and configuration:

  1. The Presidents Room: accommodates up to 25 guests
  2. The Peacock Room: caters for up to 40 guests
  3. The Sala Roma: accommodates a minimum of 80 guests and a maximum of 300 guests.


But, our reunion venues in Werribee provides more than just configuration and seating. We offer our clients a personalised experienced from planning your event right up to the end of the event. So, get creative with decor – add an exciting reunion party theme that will get your guests hyped. In addition, our staff can provide room for dancing.

Check out our Reunion Function Venue Package for Venue Pricing and Menu Options