About Us

The Italian Sports Club of Werribee venue & restaurant was originally established in 1971 by a group of Italian immigrants with the main objective of getting together on a weekly basis and participating in sporting and social activities among themselves.

Between 1971 and 1974, the membership of the Club flourished through bocce competitions, social activities and as a result of donations and other fundraising activities, in 1971, 3.5 acres of land (the present site of the Club) was purchased.

The original club building was developed with the substantial use of money borrowed from members and considerable efforts of voluntary labour given by members and was officially opened on 10th August 1974 by The Honourable Sir Henry Winneke.

This original building consisted of 8 bocce lanes, with a mezzanine floor providing a large room overlooking the bocce lanes which was regularly used by the youth group for meetings, movie nights and social occasions.

The building also contained a billiard room containing two tables, kiosk, main dining room with a large kitchen and an L-shaped bar.

Since the completion of the original building, other improvements have included – 1977 Club car park constructed with the use of funds raised by the Ladies Auxiliary.

With the financial assistance of the Victorian Government, two outdoor tennis courts were constructed.

Over the years, two squash courts were built. In 1993, construction commenced on the extension of the gaming lounge and bistro with the Club being granted a Gaming Licence on 21st December 1993 to operate machines.

In 1997, the front entrance of the Club was changed from Parklands Grove to Heaths Road.

During 1998 and 1999, extensive renovations have been carried out to the Bar and main function room.

Whilst most of the Club’s funds are generated from the gaming area, the main objective in establishing the Club has always involved a dominant purpose of the encouragement or promotion of games and sporting activities among its members, particularly in the areas of Soccer, Tennis, Squash, Bocce, Billiards and later Darts.

For this reason, the Club, over the years, incurred expenditure in training and coaching in the sporting activities in which the Club is involved by encouraging wider participation and improvement of the performance of their members to enhance the Club’s reputation among other clubs in Victoria and interstate.

The Club’s Werribee venue & restaurant has always been directly involved in the marketing of the games and sports activities and encouraged funding by initiating its own fundraising to enable the Club to be able to support its members with all of the facilities and aids as required.